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Munay Ki

Munay Ki Rites offered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

on Wednesday September 20 to

Wednesday October 18, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

 To sign up click here.



Experience transformation as you receive medicine from the Andes. Become part of the lineages that hold the keys to deep healing.  Are you ready to become a true Earthkeeper? To live with more compassion and love for yourself and others? To heal the

darkness within you? 

You will receive medicine rites during each class, learn techniques to integrate and help the medicines grow, learn ways to bring these sacred traditions into your daily life with practical tools, connect with teachings to help you release stress and accelerate your own healing.

The Munay Ki consists of 10 Rites:

Rite of the Healer

Bands of Power

Rite of Harmonization

Rite of Seer

Day keepers Rite

Wisdom Keepers Rite

Earthkeepers Rite

Starkeepers Rite

Creators Rite

Rite of the Womb

To sign up for this powerful experience please email us or contact us from the contact page.

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